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Ferreol, Surfeur 112

Ferreol, Surfeur 112
Ferreol, Surfeur 112
Ferreol, Surfeur 112
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As Ferreol's widest ski, the Surfeur 112 is your dedicated companion for powder days. With its highly maneuverable and agile design, it embodies the essence of "surfy" vibes. It features a significant amount of early tapering at the tips and tails, and wh Read more..

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As Ferreol's widest ski, the Surfeur 112 is your dedicated companion for powder days. With its highly maneuverable and agile design, it embodies the essence of "surfy" vibes. It features a significant amount of early tapering at the tips and tails, and while it doesn’t have super deep rocker lines, it’s very easy to release, pivot, and skid around.

The Surfeur 112 features a groundbreaking composition, blending unidirectional and bi-axial flax fibres to deliver an extraordinary on-snow experience. This unique construction not only enhances the skis' mechanical properties but also exemplifies Ferreol's dedication to reducing the environmental impact of skiing.

It stands as one of the most durable and eco-friendly skis on the market, offering a seamless blend of performance and environmental consciousness.


Tech Specs:





Tip width (mm)



Waist width (mm)



Tail width (mm)



Radius (m)



Weight per ski (g)




  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec
  • Carbon neutral
  • 2 year warranty


  • Eco-Friendly flax fibre composition:: The flax fibre composition is both lightweight and eco-friendly, providing exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Surf flex: Superior rigidity for maximum floatation and minimal drag in powder. Enjoy an uncompromised gliding experience.
  • Semi-cap sidewall: This construction offers the same durability and edge hold as the standard "sandwich" construction but with reduced weight and increased strength. Full-length sidewall ensures total protection, setting it apart from other manufacturers.
  • Short radius: The exceptionally short turning radius for the ski width ensures unparalleled maneuverability, ideal for all skiing conditions.
  • Raised tip: Offering exceptional floatation in powder, the raised tip at the front ensures an unparalleled gliding experience. Ready to push the limits of your mountain adventures.
  • Ascension tail: Our ski tails are specially designed to securely hold your climbing skins, providing optimal stability during ascents.
  • Timeless aesthetics: White topsheet with a transparent window showcasing the lin fibre, preserving its beauty over time. The black base with a simple white die-cut logo completes the elegant design. Additionally, the white topsheet is functional, reducing snow buildup.


Poplar core: Poplar cores are sourced from sustainable forests, less than 100 km from the factory. The environmentally-friendly harvesting involves selective cutting to enhance forest regeneration, resulting in lightweight and durable skis.

Titanal plate: The titanal plate is designed to withstand challenging conditions, providing added stiffness under the boot for improved grip and stability on firm snow, exceeding safety standards.

Flax fibre: Used as reinforcement, flax fibre is durable and eco-friendly, reducing the carbon footprint of reinforcements by 26%. It offers a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, combining on-snow performance with durability.

Carbon fibre: Perfect for high-end and touring skis, carbon fibre provides an excellent lightweight-to-stiffness ratio, ensuring lightweight ascent and solid descent performance.

Biosourced epoxy: Entropy Resins' Super Sap biosourced epoxy utilizes renewable materials, offering performance equivalent to traditional resins with reduced environmental impact.

Biosourced topsheet: The 50% biosourced topsheet, made from renewable materials and 20% recycled materials, is manufactured with castor oil, ensuring exceptional durability and waterproofing.


Stiffness Profile


We meticulously optimized the stiffness of the skis to ensure optimal flotation on the snow, preventing the skier from sinking into deep powder. This enhancement results in better glide, heightened stability, and improved control in challenging snow conditions, facilitating easier navigation through varied terrains. The skis achieve a perfect balance between torsional and bending stiffness, creating a playful, agile, and versatile ski capable of taking you anywhere you desire. With a shorter radius for its size and high torsional stiffness under the boot, these skis provide exceptional grip when edging and excel at carving on hard snow.

Torsional stiffness (Nm²)How difficult it is to flex a ski

Bending stiffness (Nm²)How difficult is it to twist a ski


Carbon footprint composition : An overview

The Surfeur 112 has an average carbon footprint of 19.48 kgCO2eq, which is approximately the same as the carbon emissions produced by a compact car over 103 km.

Carbon footprint composition: Materials

By substituting synthetic fibres with flax fibre, we have significantly reduced the carbon footprint of this ski without compromising its performance. When compared to a synthetic reinforcement like carbon or glass fibre, flax fibre reinforcements have a 27% lower carbon footprint. Also, the use of biosourced topsheet and epoxy further reduces the environmental impact. Combined with the renewable energy used to produce this ski, it is one of the most eco-friendly skis in the world in its category.


Blister Review

"The Surfeur 112 not only represents a brand-new model for Ferreol, but also the first to implement their construction method of replacing synthetic fibers like fiberglass and carbon with natural flax fibers. Doing so was no easy task (see Ep.248 of our GEAR:30 podcast), but the Surfeur 112’s flax laminate translates to a really impressively damp ride quality for a ski this light, while its notably tapered shape and deep rocker lines make it highly maneuverable and playful. Despite those latter aspects (and its fairly tight sidecut radius), the Surfeur 112 is still quite predictable and pretty stable in a variety of soft-ish conditions, from deep pow to variable spring snow. The Surfeur 112 is much more engaging at moderate speeds than other skis in its category, without feeling like a super niche model. In sum, the Surfeur 112 is a playful and agile ski with an excellent suspension-to-weight ratio."

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