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Retail Sales Staff:


Jean-Christophe Fernier - Retail Manager/AGM

JC Fernier - Sales Manager

Jean-Christophe, JC for short, grew up in the suburbs of Paris, France. He first discovered Canada during a university exchange in 2006.

A few years later, after moving to the French Alps for his business career, he created his own t-shirt company, studied bike and ski mechanics while snowboarding, mountain biking or hiking in the Alps every weekend.

At this point he knew that the mountains would always be a part of his life. A couple of years ago, JC went on a 10 month World Tour which ended in a month of exploring beautiful BC, and that’s when he discovered fantastic Fernie...



James Rotor - Floor Supervisor

James Rotor

James originates from Ottawa and has always had a passion for the outdoors. Since moving West he has grown as a snowboarder, skier and most recently a mountain biker.

In the winter he worked in the Terrain Park at Fernie Alpine Resort and is now immersed in the GearHub team. Having done lots of paddling on the Ottawa river he also knows his way around white water. All in all, like the rest of the team, James is a general sports enthusiast!




Jason Dalsgaard - Customer Service Specialist

Jason Dalsgaard - Customer Care Executive

After years of Fernie adventures and Running Back to Saskatoon, this prairie boy has mountains in his Heart of Gold and now calls Fernie home.

With a camera slung over his shoulder he's most happy in the backcountry during any season, often found sitting in the Morning Dew waiting for that shot.





Jeff Hills - Customer Service Specialist & Warranties

Jeff Hills - Customer Care Executive

Jeff was born and raised in Prince George, BC, where he first learned how to mountain bike.

After spending his weekends in Fernie over the summer, he decided to make the move and join our team here at GearHub.

Whether he's finding new lines out on his bike, hiking Fernie’s amazing trails or taking long romantic walks along the elk river, you’ll be sure to see a smile on Jeff's face! We are happy to have him here in Fernie and part of our team.





Toby Ratcliffe - Customer Service Specialist

Toby Ratcliffe - Customer Care Executive

Hailing from a small village in the UK, Toby first arrived in Fernie whilst bikepacking the great divide mountain bike route and has dreamt of coming back ever since.

His yearning for mountain life was finally fulfilled when another bikepacking adventure lead him back to Fernie.

Usually found out exploring on his bike, Toby is a lover of everything outdoors as well as long walks along the elk river with Jeff.




Aiden Levesque - Receiving/Shipping

Toby Ratcliffe - Customer Care Executive

Aiden was born and raised in Saskatoon before moving to Fernie with his family. 


His favourite outdoor activities include playing basketball with the boys, biking and hitting the slopes in winter for skiing & snowboarding. 






Mark Horechka - Accounts

Mark was born & raised in Saskatoon. Mark first came to Fernie for the mountain biking some 15 years ago and fell in love with the place. When the job opportunity popped up at GearHub - he jumped and he made the permanent move to Fernie in August 2020. 
He loves mountain biking, hiking, golf, kayaking, snowshoeing, and skiing. 




Max Sylvain - Customer Service Specialist

Max was born and raised in Quebec, Mont-st-Anne, home of the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup. Growing up racing, Max knows his way around the bike and ski industry well.
Max moved to Fernie last year seeking deep powder and loamy trails while perfecting his English.
We are stoked to have him aboard the crew, bringing positive energy and knowledge to GearHub!




Danielle Dwyer - Customer Service Specialist


Born and raised in Alberta, Dee always knew she was destined to be in the mountains. 
Backpacking across the globe and chasing winters from Japan to New Zealand she eventually found herself in Fernie enrolled in the MAST program.
Doing all things with a smile on her face, she's happiest when the adrenaline is high and the stoke is even higher. A lover of all things in nature, her favorite hobbies include snowboarding, biking and rafting. 






Val Turbak - Purchasing & Inventory

Val Bio


Val made the move to Fernie from Alberta after frequenting the area for several years to enjoy the many outdoor activities. She brings 10+ years of passionate experience in the bike and outdoor gear industry to the Buying and Inventory team at GearHub. She admits that she is obsessed with all things bike. From trails to gravel to fat biking, Val can be seen on her bike all year round! She's also looking forward to getting back into skiing and hiking now that she's a resident of her favorite mountain town. 






Liam Cumming - Customer Service Specialist

Born in Pitsburg and raised in Hamilton ON, Liam eventually moved to Fernie after a recommendation from his grandparents. They said the snow was like no other, and the biking was better than out east (both very true!).
Liam enjoys biking, rock climbing and loves being in the outdoors. 







Nick Decarie-Paynter - Customer Service Specialist

Born in Ottawa, Nick grew up ski racing and playing lacrosse. He raced FIS out of the National Ski Academy in Collingwood Ontario, traveling around and competing on the Ontario and Quebec race circuits.
Nick found work at a local ski and bike shop while attending Carleton University in Ottawa and then made his way out west to work as a ski tech at Big White while taking classes online. Luckily for us, Nick ended up moving to Fernie after looking for a new place after the Big White season.

Patrick Kremer - Customer Service Specialist

Pat was born in southern Ontario and raised outside Calgary, he's been visiting family in Fernie since '98 and fell in love with the town. 5 years ago, he decided to make the move to Fernie and has never looked back. 
Pat enjoys DH biking in the summer and both skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Above all, he enjoys capturing his friends living the Fernie life on camera.





Megan Thiessen - Inventory/Receiving


Megan is our Inventory & Receiving guru. Her favorite color is crimson.

How did she fall upon Fernie? She had a deep desire to try every sport that makes her sweat.... or cry. Around 21, she ran away to join the circus. True fact.

Megan was born in New Jersey and grew up in Lethbridge Alberta. After living in Fernie for a good while, she had a brief reset back in Lethbridge to learn to be a single mum. Yup. She's got a wild mountain boy. After 5 years of the reset, she moved on back, and luckily for us, she came knocking on GearHub's doors. 

Megan is looking forward to all the new adventures Fernie has to offer.


Service Shop Staff:


Sam Moffat - Weekday Service Manager

Sam Moffat Service manager

Sam was born and raised here in Fernie, so you know he is shredder!

After working at almost every bike shop in town, he was offered a job here at GearHub when we first opened. 10 years later, he is still running the service department with pleasure.

When Sam's not in the shop, he is enjoying the wilderness with the help of gravity, or pursuing his other profession - DJing and Music Production.





Dylan Bailey - Service Technician, Safety Officer & Sponsored  Rider

Dylan Bailey - Technician & Sponsored Gearhub Rider

Dylan started racing mountain bikes in the 90's back in his hometown of Thunder Bay, ON and hasn't looked back. After spending a few winters in Fernie back in '03/'04, he fell in love with this gem of a city and always wanted to return. In 2018 he finally made that dream come true, made the move out west and will forever call Fernie home.

Dylan has competed all over North America and raced at the elite level for years. He loves spending his time fat biking, snowboarding, nordic skiing, snowshoeing and playing hockey when the ground turns white.





GearHub Owners:


Mark Hall - Owner / General Manager

Mark Hall GearHub Owner Manager

Mark’s dream of owning an outdoor shop began not long after his first high school ski trip, and came to life in 2010 when GearHub first opened its doors in Fernie BC!

Mark’s love for sports and the outdoors has always been his motivation to do more (and more, and more)! Mark loves it all - skiing, biking, kayaking, climbing, sledding, hiking, mountaineering, you name it! Mark believes that outdoor adventures bring us clarity and peacefulness and excitement all in one go.

Mark is known for his contagious passion for the outdoors - a passion that is felt and shared by happy customers, staff, and friends alike!



Aaron Levesque - Owner

Aaron Levesque

If you think hucking cliffs, riding down a mountain at Mach 2, or challenging that favourite rapid of yours is tough – try being a stay at home Mom!

All jesting aside, Aaron does have lots of athletic experience to talk about. In 2008, she took home First place in the Fitness category at Saskatchewan’s Amateur’s Bodybuilding competition. Then in 2009, she took home 2nd Place in both Women’s Figure Tall, and Women’s Fitness categories. So, when you need to talk to someone about how to get that body of yours in shape, no matter what the reason – Aaron’s your girl!!




Jonathan Levesque - Owner / Operator

Jonathan Levesque - Owner / Operator

Raised in the prairies, Jon now calls Fernie his home. While he’s still waiting for his official “Local” designation, in his heart he knows this is where he was meant to be. A beautiful family, 23 years and counting in the IT industry, and a lifetime of searching adventure, Jon knows he has the ingredients to help GearHub be the best sports store around!




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